Please Note:

Wheels of Wellness is currently not offering any in-home support services or group services. Please see our Covid-19 updates below for information on current services or contact for more information.

Therapeutic Telehealth –

Wheels of Wellness is currently offering Telehealth services online. Please contact for more information or your individual clinician.

Therapeutic Tutoring –

Wheels of Wellness is currently offering Therapeutic Tutoring online.

What is Therapeutic Tutoring?

Therapeutic Tutoring is a solution for children who are having difficulty achieving their full potential in school, specifically surrounding distance learning under the new Covid-19 restrictions. Students may have reduced motivation for school, declining interest or declining grades. These children may present with anxiety and/or depression, emotional stress, attention and focus difficulties or behavioral challenges related to distance learning. Many of our clients have executive functioning skill challenges that prevent them from fully accessing online curriculum.

Via therapeutic tutoring, students will have the opportunity to work with a Wheels of Wellness with a licensed therapist or behaviorist who has executive functioning and behavioral management skills to complete their required distance learning assignments. Therapists will utilize the child’s individually assigned academic curriculum to target the skills needed to become a more confident and compliant online learner. Clinicians will also be available to consult with parents on strategies related to managing their child’s online learning. For more information about our therapeutic tutoring services, please email: