Wheels of Wellness Groups

Wheels of Wellness is an interdisciplinary collective compromised of clinicians who are dedicated to a common vision. These professionals provide behavioral assessments, consultation, social skill facilitation and group therapy to children and families.

Below please find a list of our upcoming Groups:

  • School-aged Social and Emotional Skills Group

    This group is for school-aged children who need additional support with coping strategies, self-regulation and social and emotional development. The group provides high level social scaffolding and emotional coping and problem-solving skills via facilitated play/naturalistic opportunities. This group will meet one time per week on Tuesdays. It will meet from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM at our San Mateo clinic. This group has open enrollment.

  • Young Child Social and Emotional Skills Group

    This program is for young children that need support in developing their social and emotional skills. Our young child group provides facilitated social opportunities in a therapeutic environment for your g children who are struggling with various social and emotional concerns. Participants will have the opportunity to meet new peers, practice sky social skills and learn to cope when situations don’t go their way. This group will meet one time per week on Tuesdays. It will meet from 3-4 PM at our San Mateo clinic. This group has open enrollment.

  • Small Social Skills Group (Ages 3-4)

    Offers pre-school aged children an opportunity to develop and practice pro-social skills through fun, interactive play. Social-emotional concepts, such as identifying feelings, flexible thinking, and problem solving are embedded into each facilitated session, giving children a natural opportunity to practice new skills and strategies. Ideal for children who currently have difficulty making meaningful connections with peers or who need help with reading social cues, becoming more flexible, learning to share/take turns, etc.
    Student to teacher ratio: 3:1
    Group meets weekly on Wednesdays, from 4:00-5:00pm
    Rate: $100 per session
    Facilitator: elizabeth@wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com

  • Girls Group

    This group is for girls who struggle with developing friendships and need safe place to practice social skills. This group meets on Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7:00 pm. For more information about this group please contact Heather Batalden directly at: heather@wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com.

  • Executive Functioning Course

    Wheels of Wellness is now offering the executive functioning course, “Seeing My Time.” Seeing My Time is a 9-session course done individually with our Academic and Executive Functioning Interventionist. The Seeing My Time course trains individuals with academic time management and organizing challenges to navigate these executive functioning skills independently. For more information please email: Kimberly@wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com

  • Older Boys Social Skills Group (Ages 10-12)

    Boys group offers an opportunity to engage in social activities between peers their own age in a safe and open environment. This group provides boys with social deficits a space to grow lasting friendships and develop the necessary social skills needed to grow meaningful relationships throughout their lives. This groups meets every Wednesday from 5:45-7pm beginning January 9, 2019. For additional questions please contact Kimberly Macedo directly at Kimberly@wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com

  • Continuum (Teens age 12-18)

    Offers a co-ed skills training and support group for teens who struggle with their emotions and how to manage them effectively. Members will be able to give and receive support, problem-solve, and practice their skills on a supportive audience. The group structure will lean on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) but will also be appropriate for those who have already completed DBT skills training but still need a place to practice and get support. Date and time to be determined based on group needs. Members must be willing to follow group rules and be able to commit to a basic safety plan for the duration of the group. Open Enrollment. For more information, please contact: beth@wheelsofwellnessconsulting.com

“We were in a scary and desperate place as a family, immobilized by the behavior of our 10 year old son.  Heather was exactly who we needed! She provided a warm, but no-nonsense approach to behavioral intervention.  She walks in, takes off her shoes and gets right down to business. She has been such a support for us not only by improving our parenting skills but our daily interactions and appreciation for one another.  I wish I would have known people like Heather were out there years ago.”

“Thank you for all your help with our son. You are amazing!! You were an answer to our prayers. My son is now able to express himself without becoming aggressive. People like you are one in a million.”- Parents of a 9 year old boy diagnosed with ASD