Kindergarten Readiness Program

Are you concerned that your child needs additional social and emotional skills training prior to entering Kindergarten?

Is your child currently in a half-day Kindergarten program, but is struggling socially or presenting with behavioral concerns?

Our Kindergarten Readiness Program was designed utilizing leading evidence-based curriculum developed to address the social and emotional expectations needed to be successful in the kindergarten environment. KRP has a low student to facilitator ratio with a parent component designed to give the individualized attention needed to new learners. Students will practice:

  • Building positive relationships with peers
  • Increasing social awareness and resolving peer conflicts
  • Self-advocating appropriately in a learning environment
  • Promotes self-regulation skills

KRP utilizes a multi-sensory and systematic program that provides learners with knowledge and practice in many core kindergarten areas including:

  • letter formation
  • sound mastery
  • early learner comprehension

KRP meets for two hours of play and learning two days per week and is co-facilitated by our Early Interventionist and Behaviorists.

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“The KRP readiness group really changed my son. Before the group, my son was extremely shy, withdrawn and anxious at school. He sat alone at lunch, didn’t participate in PE or music, and didn’t express his views and opinions to his classmates. After completing the KRP three month group, my son is a different child. I’ve received several emails from the school marking his success in PE and Music. When friends come to the house, instead of being withdrawn and quiet, he readily meets them at the door and engages in age appropriate activities.

I can’t say enough good things about teacher Liz. My son is the kind of child who takes awhile to warm up to somebody new but with Liz it was instant. She got to know him very quickly and gave a very accurate description of his personality within the first week. The sessions were thoughtful. I could tell books and toys were placed out that would interest my son and the time spent in the session focused on his individual weaknesses. Liz is an incredibly caring woman who will really love your child and help you. She’s available over email throughout the session and is also eager to meet and compare notes with other therapists and/or teachers. She meets you at the end of every session and briefs you about what your child did that day (most social groups I researched missed this very vital piece of communication between the therapist, parent and other teachers working with the child).

I get tears in my eyes thinking about my sons change from this program. This group opened his eyes to the world around him and gave him tools to access things he wasn’t once able to. He’s so much more flexible and adaptable to new things now and I can’t thank them enough for that. I highly recommend KRP!”