Many Bay Area families like yours rely on Wheels of Wellness to better understand and nurture relationships, improve social and emotional wellness between children, their families and their educational environments. Here are a few testimonials from families that have worked with Wheels of Wellness.

“Heather has done an outstanding job helping our pre-K son build his social skills and make connections with peers.  Whenever we touch base to discuss an issue or question, I am always impressed by how well she knows our son.  I was also pleased with how well she worked with his teachers, and that they were happy to collaborate and adopt new approaches she’d suggested.”

“Ms. Torres is one of the most professional people I have ever met. My son was having a difficult time at his new school. He was not listening to directions, running out of the classroom and breaking school property. Ms. Torres was able to provide the school with recommendations to best support him. My son has made huge strides and is now doing really well at his school. Without Ms. Torres support and knowledge this story wouldn’t have had a happy ending.”-Parents of a boy in 2nd grade diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder

“Elizabeth has a very unique and special gift!!  My son was falling behind in Kindergarten and lacked the confidence and motivation to get anything done.  Elizabeth came in with a silly and creative approach that truly engaged my son and made learning fun for him.  After only four one-hour sessions with Elizabeth, my son’s teacher reported a measurable improvement in his word recognition, handwriting, and spelling.  In addition, she could not believe how much more confident and engaged he was in class.  Now, instead of groaning about doing his work, my son jumps and cheers when he knows Elizabeth is coming over.  Simply stated, Elizabeth “gets” kids.  Her years of experience and genuine passion for the work she does cannot be substituted.  Every child could use an Elizabeth in the early years of his or her life.” – Anjelica, Mom to a 5 year old son 

“We were in a scary and desperate place as a family, immobilized by the behavior of our 10 year old son.  Heather was exactly who we needed! She provided a warm, but no-nonsense approach to behavioral intervention.  She walks in, takes off her shoes and gets right down to business. She has been such a support for us not only by improving our parenting skills but our daily interactions and appreciation for one another.  I wish I would have known people like Heather were out there years ago.” ~ Mother of a spirited 10 year old diagnosed with ADHD

“Thank you for all your help with our son. You are amazing!! You were an answer to our prayers. My son is now able to express himself without becoming aggressive. People like you are one in a million.”- Parents of a 9 year old boy diagnosed with ASD

“I worked in tandem with Elizabeth to provide educational support for a child with Down Syndrome.  I have Masters Degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Library Sciences, and was an early elementary teacher for over twenty years.  In all my years of teaching, I have never witnessed an early intervention specialist at the caliber of Elizabeth.  She has an extraordinary gift of engaging her student/client by knowing the right balance of academic work with behavioral mentoring.  Elizabeth knows exactly when to push her student and when to pull back.  The result is that Elizabeth is able to achieve outstanding results in both the student’s behavior and educational goals. The reason for this positive outcome is that her students trust her.  Elizabeth extends herself to her student with her whole heart and the student feels her sincere intention. She’s just the best at what she does.” – Cathy Robinson, MA, Education

“We are parents of 3 special needs and very high maintenance children (severe ADHD, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome, stuttering, oppositional behavior…). Our home and school situation had gotten to the point of nearly tearing our family apart until Heather came into the picture.  She created a detailed, specific, step-by-step plan that taught us how to effectively manage and discipline our children.  We follow the plan and it works – 100% of the time.  Heather – quite literally – saved our family.  She is brilliant at assessing and advising on behavioral matters, and also on working with schools to get accommodations made for special needs children.  Heather consistently goes the extra mile for us and truly cares about her clients.  Her expertise, creativity, dedication, follow through and direct manner will work with any family in need of help.  We have referred Heather to numerous families who have had the same amazing experience as we have had.”

“Thanks again for all you do! Not just with my child, but for all those children and confused, sometimes hopeless parents! You have given us the confidence to keep trying and the skills to become successful! – Father of a 5 year old diagnosed with ADHD and ASD

“Elizabeth provided early intervention support to my four-year old daughter diagnosed with ASD.  She had an amazing way of empowering my child by diving into “her world” to make connections.  She’s not afraid to get silly and she is great at finding creative ways to redirect.  She’s incredibly patient and consistent and an absolute pro at avoiding useless power struggles.  Through playful and thoughtful activities, Elizabeth helped build our daughter’s confidence in social situations, improve eye contact and increase her verbal communication skills.  Also, Elizabeth is an amazing singer!!  She incorporates lots of music and singing into her sessions, which my daughter loved (and so did we!).   Elizabeth is just a joy to be around, and a very talented and gifted educator.” – Kathryn, Mom to a daughter diagnosed with ASD

“Heather (Mrs. Batalden) has been instrumental in educating us as parents and finding behavioral solutions for our son in a kind and caring way. Her insight into “her kids” has been inspiring and our son looks forward to their time together. Her in home support and behavioral plan in conjunction with her work with his school’s teachers and administration has provided a valuable foundation. Since working with Heather (Mrs. Batalden) we have seen significant improvement with our son’s behavioral challenges, an increase in positive motivation in the home and increased learning and compliance in the classroom. Our family has benefited from the work that she does and we are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with her.”

“Miss Heather not only has been a valuable member of our treatment team, but a great support for our family. When our 6 year old began acting out we were at a loss for how to move forward. Heather provided in home behavioral support and showed us exactly what to do. She put in place a behavior plan that emphasized positive, proactive interventions and modeled how to implement them. Heather also picked up on some sensory issues our child was having and was able to point us toward an appropriate referral and diagnosis. All of our children love having her come to the house.” ~ Mother of a 6 year old recently diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder

“Heather is a brilliant clinician who really gets children.  My child immediately was drawn to her and always asks when she will be coming back.  Struggling with anxiety myself, it was difficult to allow someone to come into our home for treatment, but we were desperate for help.   Heather immediately makes parents and children alike feel comfortable.  I finally felt like someone understood us, we had an ally!  Heather turned our chaotic home into a therapeutic environment where I finally felt as though I had a handle on things. Heather works tirelessly on behalf of her clients and I don’t know what we would have done without her.”  ~Mother of a 9 year old child diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety

“Ms. Torres is a wonderful resource and great teacher. She consulted at our school and provided our teaching staff tools for establishing structure in our classrooms. She is very knowledge and is able to tap into the resources she is provided. She opened our eyes to a whole new world and we are a better teaching team for it!” – Private school resource teacher

“When our private school told us they were having behavioral issues, we called Heather who was recommended by our Occupational Therapist.  Heather not only let us know what we needed to do, but provided appropriate referrals and worked to support the teachers in the meantime.  We were able to keep our son at his school and he has been doing much better.  Heather’s dedication and responsiveness to her work is top notch.”  ~Father of a kindergarten boy with ADHD

“Sasha has been a positive addition to our lives! She has helped our family tremendously by teaching us how to best work with our son. In the past our son had behavioral blow outs on a daily basis. But Sasha taught us to understand the function of his behavior and how to implement realistic solutions! My family can now enjoy each other’s company! She’s impacted our lives for the better!”- Mother of an 8 year boy diagnosed with ASD