COVID-19 Update: Wheels of Wellness Behavioral Consulting will continue to provide Telehealth services to our clients and their families. Additionally, Some Wheels of Wellness clinicians will be providing in-home and in-school support services to a limited number of children on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please discuss with your individual clinician or email: for more information on new services.

All families will be required to sign an addendum informed consent and/or telehealth agreement agreeing to the new safety guidelines, policies, and procedures to ensure the safety of both clients and staff. Read More >>>


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Behavioral Assessments
assist parents and educators
with a better understanding
of why behaviors are occurring.
Behavioral Consultation
provides the tools and strategies
necessary to better address
problematic behaviors in the
school, home or community settings.
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School Support services utilize a trained
consultant to push into the classroom
environment.  The consultant can support,
coordinate or consult with teachers and
other staff to ensure your child’s needs
are being addressed.  Additionally,
our Early Intervention support will
work individually with your child to
provide additional kindergarten preparation.
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