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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy can help clients by providing psychoeducation of symptoms relating to a diagnosis, enabling clients to live more productive and satisfying lives, developing coping skills, assisting individuals with managing new situations & challenges, improving relationships, and making positive changes in their lives.


Family Therapy

Family therapy assists clients by focusing on the relationships within the family unit. The family is seen as a system rather than the sum of its individual members.

Family therapy services can address a number of therapeutic goals including improving communication among family members, solving family problems, understanding and handling family events, understanding family dynamics, and creating a more harmonious home environment.

Caregiver/Parent Coaching

Caregiver or Parent Coaching helps to rebuild or strengthen the current child-caregiver relationship. Clinicians work to promote connection and communication while teaching caregivers skills to establish consistent expectations for their children.

Caregivers learn tools to parent their children based on presenting challenges or diagnostic symptomatology. and can include direct modeling and monitoring of strategies and interventions. Parent coaching is done from a positive parenting model using evidence-based modalities such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.


Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessment provides a formal assessment and evaluation of your child’s behavior across environments. Assessments typically include collecting and analyzing data to look at the interrelatedness of antecedent components of your child’s behavior, the consequences of the behavior, and the behavioral function.

Behavioral assessments identify the behavior’s reinforcing factors and present recommendations and services necessary for behavioral modification and skill acquisition.

Behavioral Intervention Plans

Behavioral Intervention Plans provide a written, systematic improvement plan for your child based on the outcomes of a Behavioral Assessment. Behavioral Intervention Plans specify the actions to take to develop, improve, replace, or extinguish behaviors. Our behaviorists can develop and train teachers, and caregivers on the implementation and fidelity of these plans.


Behavioral Support Consultation Services

Behavioral Support Consultation Services provide on-site support and training to parents, teachers, or administrators on actions to develop, improve, replace, or extinguish behaviors. The clinician directly supports the client with the goal of modeling skills for all those interacting with the client on a regular basis. On-site Social Skills Training is part of this service.

Intensive Family Training (The Super Nanny service)

Are you familiar with the show, Super Nanny? Following an intensive intake and evaluation process, our clinicians will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan and work intensively with your family and children across 2-5 days to build skills and better manage problematic behavior.

This service is available to a limited number of families per year. Families receive 6 weeks of follow-up coaching as part of this service. Our Intensive Family Training Model looks different for each family based on diagnoses, acuity, participation, goals, and consistency with implementation. Intensive Family Training works with the individuals in the family unit as well as the unit as a whole. This service includes the development of a systematic behavior management plan to support all children living in the home.


“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.”

O. A. Battista